Valeting & Detailing Services

Interior Only

  • Rubbish removed 
  • Mats removed 
  • Carpets, seats and boot space hoovered 
  • Dedicated fabric cleaners used on seats carpets and floor matts 
  • Door card fabrics cleaned 
  • All fabrics then wet vax to remover any excess water
  • Complete interior plastics cleaned 
  • Plastics dressed 
  • Follow up hoover to remove any excess debris still left after water extraction 
  • Interior glass cleaned 
  • For a limited time virastop is sprayed on all interior fabrics to help provent virus's spreading that could be trapped on clothes etc (this has a limit that it will add protection) 
  • Interior will be blasted with a choice of scents leaving the interior feeling fresh and clean. 

**virastop is only for a limited time a great add on included in the price during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic**

Scents avalible include 

Lemon 🍋 cherry 🍒 strawberry 🍓 fresh cotton, arabella, black ice

Stain removal isnt always possible however i will always try and get all stains out 

Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned where applicable please state when booking

Prices start from £70 

Service can take between 3/6 hours  

£70.00 From

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