Full Valet

Full Valet

Full Valet

Our full valet is our premium valeting service and it roughly takes 4/6 hours to complete

  • wheels deep cleaned and wheel arches are flushed of loose dirt and grime
  • a ph netural citrus pre wash and snow foam applied and rinsed to help loosen and remove dirt and grime and saftly lift it from the cars bodywork
  • pure shampoo is then used using a two bucket method and plush lambswool wash pad  
  • iron fallout remover is used and applied to bodywork and wheels this breaks down embedded iron fillings 
  • tar and glue remover used to remove tar spots(mainly visable on lighter coloured cars)
  • a light clay bar is used to ensure all contaminations are removed
  • vehicle is then re washed to remove an excess product rinsed and dried using plush microfibre drying towels
  • a hand polish is applied this enhances the gloss 
  • trims and all exterior plastics are then dressed 
  • we then add a layer of ceramic enfused wax to lock in and protect the vehicles paintwork
  • wheels are coated in a wheel sealent which adds a layer of protection
  • we then move to the interior by starting with a complete hoover to the interior including boot space 
  • seats and carpets are lightly cleaned removing light staining (leather seats cleaned and re conditioned)
  • dash and all interior plastics are cleaned and dressed
  • windows are cleaned (interior and exterior)
  • premium spray air freshner used (choice of scents avalible)

**2 year ceramic glass coatings avalible from £30 extra

Prices start from £65 get in touch for more details and avalibility

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